The automatic foot cutter is designed for cutting chicken feet in a poultry slaughtering line.

Design and operation:

The foot cutter is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The blade is made of special tool steel. The cutter is suspended from the supporting structure of the overhead chain conveyor. Carcasses, transported in shackles of the conveyor, are placed on the wheel, which transfers them to the blade during rotation. The blade and transferring wheel adjustment system is designed so that it allows for adjusting the cut height to match bird size without the need to stop the slaughtering process. Another benefit of the system is the possibility of adjusting the blade so that the cut is always performed precisely at the knee joint.

Technical specification:

  • mode of operation –  continuous
  • capacity–  up to 9 000 bph
  • installed power – 2.2 kW