BELT CONVEYOR Type PT-0,3/0,4/0,5/0,6

The belt conveyor is used for internal transport in plants, where it is necessary to move elements, objects etc. at distances up to 10 m. In poultry processing plants, it can be used for transporting birds, parts (e.g. from the cut-up machines), giblets, viscera, feathers, etc.

Design and operation:

The belt conveyor is designed as a free-standing machine. It does not require foundations, which allows for easy positioning and optimal use, depending on customer’s needs. The conveyor is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The conveyor consists of a drive unit, a tension unit and a straight segment. The transporting element is a belt, the choice of which depends on the transported materials (for transporting edible parts, a food approved belt must be used).

Technical specification:

L – from 2 to 10m

B- from 200 to 1000mm

installed power – depending on conveyor size – from 0.12 to 1.5 kW

-height – according to customer requirements

– standard height – 400-750