Washing boots and aprons is done manually, using separate brushes mounted on soft hoses. Water is supplied to both sides of the washer. It is operated by opening a ½” ball valve. Water drain is connected to a Ø 50 siphon at the bottom of the tank. The back wall of the washer is designed for hanging the apron, and the cross-bar mounted in the lower part is used for placing the foot. The boot and apron washer can be placed anywhere, because of its robust design and no need for additional support. It is made entirely of stainless, acid-resistant materials and plastic. The washer can also be manufactured with just one brush and without the cross-bar – for apron washing only. This type of washer is leaning back and should be suspended on wall-mounted hooks for stability.


The boot washer is designed for manual washing of footwear with a brush, mounted on a ½” soft hose. Water flow is controlled by pressing a valve located in the brush handle. Water connection: ½”; a standard Ø 50 drain siphon placed in the lower part of the washer.