The carcass rehanger is designed for automatic cutting of feet and rehanging carcasses from the slaughtering line to the evisceration line. The chicken weight range is 800 g to 2500 g, but it must be kept in mind that for proper functioning of the rehanger the batch weight range must be balanced.


Design and operation:

The rehanger is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel and plastics approved for direct contact with food products.

The rehanger consists of:

  1. A stainless steel frame
  2. A shaft with a chain wheel of the slaughtering line with the plate of the automatic foot cutter mounted on it.
  3. A central shaft with a wheel on which segments for grabbing carcasses are mounted; the central shaft is powered by the shaft of the slaughtering line conveyor by means of intermediate toothed wheels
  4. A shaft with a chain wheel of the evisceration line
  5. Automatic foot cutter is installed between the slaughtering line shaft and the central shaft

The slaughtering line and the evisceration line shafts are fitted with transmission and rotation generator, which are connected with the electronic control system of the machine for synchronising speeds of both lines.

The rehanger is directly connected with and powered by both the slaughtering line and the evisceration line, whose speeds are synchronised by the electronic control system.

Chickens enter the rehanger from the slaughtering line. Then the cutter automatically cuts their feet, which releases them from the slaughtering line. The central shaft transfers them to the evisceration line.