The chain conveyor with scissor lift is a driven conveyor. The chain drive is transferred from the reducer by means of a roller on the chain, gears are mounted.

The conveyor is made of stainless, acid-proof materials and a suitably adapted plastic chain, while the lift is made of hot-galvanized carbon steel. The simple construction of the conveyor made of closed profiles and the use of high-quality materials guarantee the durability of the device and ensure the ability to maintain in impeccable cleanliness, in accordance with the applicable sanitary requirements. Controlling the conveyor both horizontally and vertically is carried out automatically, ie after loading the container on the conveyor, a lift is lifted, which lifts the container to the height allowing for the work of the de-ladle. After emptying the container, the conveyor moves the container to the neighboring conveyor.

The scissor lift is made of carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized, it is equipped with the hydraulic system necessary for its operation.

The figure below shows the scissor lift itself, which works in the center of the conveyor between two rows of chain.