CHILLING LINE components

Thanks to the use of 1” chain, the trolleys and shackles can be mounted at different spacing (the most frequently used spacing is 6 ” – 152 mm for chickens and 8 ” – 203 mm for turkeys). According to customer’s needs and requirements, shackles with different parameters can be manufactured, both from stainless, acid-resistant materials and food approved plastic.

Below – standard shackles, recommended by P.P.H.U. “Szlachet – Stal” for the poultry draining and chilling line. 

1) draining line shackle, hanging 10 chickens  per shackle, made of stainless,  acid-resistant materials


2)draining line shackle, made of food approved  plastic and adapted for working  with a rehanger

3) draining line shackle, double, made of stainless, acid resistant materials


4) draining line shackle, made of food approved plastic.


NOTICE! For turkey slaughtering plants, shackles should be adequately larger. After consultation with the customer, we manufacture shackles that match the weight and size of processed poultry.