Construction and operation of the washer

All components and components of the washer are made only of stainless and acid-resistant materials.
The main components of the washer are:
1) Frame in which there is a water tank with a trigger and a water overflow.
2) Conveyor transporting the container.
3) Washing chamber along with the kinematic system of spray nozzles.

1. Drive of the kinematic system of nozzles
2. Kinematic system of washing nozzles
3. Conveyor transporting the container
4. Connection of the delivery pump, pre-treated water from a slotted sieve
5. Connection of the dirty water pump to the slotted screen
6. Conveyor drive

Principle of operation

After starting the system, the chain conveyor supplies a container empty to the washing chamber. In order to thoroughly clean the container in the washer, a kinematic system with special nozzles with high energy of the jet is installed. Water spray is from above, from below and from both sides of the container. Clean containers are transported to the next chain conveyor located outside the washer. The water pumped from the tank pumped by the pump, after the washing process, is directed to a slotted screen using a special pump. The filtered water returns to the tank for reuse.