The deboner is used for trimming chicken thighs and shanks

Design and operation:
The single-stand deboner is mounted to the table, worktop etc. It is made mostly from stainless, acid-resistant materials, aluminium and food-approved plastic.
The main units of the deboner are:
1. Frame made of closed profiles
2. Cylinders for controlling the operation of the deboner
3. Guides of the pushing-out unit
4. Mechanism for pushing out the bone
5. Rubber insert

Design and principle of operation:

Upon a frame made mostly of closed profiles, there are two pneumatic cylinders which provide drive for the machine. The machine is controlled with a button located at the marked spot. Pressing the button causes the sleeve and a PE piston – fastened to the slider – are moved downwards along two guides, which causes the thigh or shank bone, placed between the piston and the rubber insert, to be pushed through the opening in the insert. Deboned meat is left on the rubber insert. The bone might still be connected with the meat, in which case it should be torn away or cut off with a knife.

Technical specification:
Installed power:                  200 W
Voltage:                               230 V, 50Hz

~ 900 pieces per hour –    thigh
~ 700 pieces per hour –    shank
Operating personnel:        1 person