DRUM PICKER Type USB-800/950


The drum picker is a machine for picking all types of poultry. The drum diameter is adjusted to the size of picked carcasses.

Design and operation:

The drum picker is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. Appropriate drum size, number of rubber fingers mounted inside the drum and properly adjusted rotational speed ensure perfect quality of picked carcasses. High-quality materials and easy access to these parts of the picker which are in contact with birds and require frequent cleaning ensure the possibility of keeping the machine clean. Drum pickers can be used for picking all types of poultry. For smaller carcasses (such as chickens), a picker with drum diameter of 800 mm will be sufficient, whereas for large birds (turkeys), a picker with 950 mm drum diameter should be used.

Technical specification:

drum diameter: 800 or 950 mm,

picker length:1450 mm,

picker width: 850 mm with a 800 mm drum,

1000 mm with a 950 mm drum,

– capacity:700 chickens per hour with a 800 mm drum,

~1500 chickens or 150 turkeys per hour with a 950 mm drum.

Installed power:  800 mm drum – 2.2 kW

950 mm drum – 3.0 kW

or 4 kW for turkeys.

NOTICE! Proper scalding process guarantees the best results of picking.