The electric water bath stunner is designed for stunning birds with electric current before slaughtering. The use of a stunner with appropriate parameters ensures proper and humane poultry slaughtering.
Design and operation:

The electric water bath stunner is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials and welded polypropylene panels. The control box with electronic display is based on electronic components. Birds are transported to the stunner in shackles of the slaughtering conveyor. Length of the stunner bath is adapted to the throughput and bird size. Appropriate design of the base and possibility of adjusting stunner height (by means of a hydraulic lift) allows for its adaptation to any slaughtering line.
Technical specification:

Bathwidth: B=400 – for small carcasses (chicken)

B=650 – for large carcasses (turkey)

Bathlength: adjusted to the slaughtering capacity and speed of the conveyor (the drawing shows one for up to 1500 bph)

Height: djusted to shackle height and bird size

Control cabinet- in accordance with current requirements:

  •   voltage control range: 0 – 230 V
  •   frequency control range: 0 – 800 Hz

The above parameters allow for setting current value of 0.125 A per chicken inside the stunner

(turkey – 0.15 A, duck, goose – 0.13 A).

Advantages of the stunner:

  •  provision of humane slaughtering, in accordance with veterinary requirements,
  •  the use of appropriate materials ensures durability and makes it easy to keep the machine clean,
  •  simple design allows for easy access to individual components, which facilitates their maintenance or replacement.