Europallet and crate washer to be used for cleaning crates as follows

Crate type:                           Dimension:
E2                                          600 x 400 x 200
KFC                                       600 x 400 x 500
Euro pallet                        1200 x 800 x 180


Design and operation:

Euro pallet and crate washer type MPE is manufactured based on shape profiles and acid resistant stainless steel plates. It is welded,  alone standing, which ensure stability and durability during the use of machine. Purpose of the washer is cleaning waste i.e:

– solid waste (bits of meat, cheese, fat, starch, etc)

– liguid waste (bits of blood, milk, whey, oil, fat, etc)

from crates and Euro pallets. Crates are transffered through entry hole by chain conveyor, which transports them through the washer and by washing nozzles. Spraying and water circulation inside washer is facilitated  by pressure pumps, which are adjusted to size and capacity of the washer. Basic operations to be processed by device are depending to type of washer and to can be as follows:

preliminary washing

– main washing

– rinsing

– air drying

Technical specification:

Width                                – 1550mm
Lenght                               – depends to capacity
Capacity                            – 250 – 850 cph
Water supply                    – 3 x 400 ( 380 ) V
Water consumption         – 200 800 l lph (depends to size and
capacity of washer
Type of filter (main washing) – mechanical (hole dia. Ø2 mm)