Design and operation:

The evisceration trough is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The length and width of the trough is adapted to the size and quantity of processed poultry. Depending on the width, working stands can be placed on one or both sides of the trough. On the rim of the trough, there are tables for tools and water valves with 10-second time-lag switches which ensure economical water usage.

Technical specification:

Standard segment length – 2 000 mm (other lengths are available at customer’s request)

Standard trough width – 600 or 900 mm (for 600 mm troughs the working stands are located on one side; for 900 mm troughs – on both sides)

Number of stands per 1 segment –   for 600 mm troughs – 2 stands, for 900 mm troughs – 4 stands

H- trough height should be adjusted to the height of the overhead conveyor and platforms on the working stands. Height adjustment is possible in the range between 500 and 1100 mm.