The paw cleaning system is used to burn, clean and cool chicken, duck or goose feet. The system performance can be freely configured by choosing the length and diameter of individual devices. The maximum system capacity is 30,000 paws per hour. The devices included in the system are:

1. Lifting conveyor for backfilling the system with paws. This element can be omitted if we are cleaning the paws in the slaughterhouse – directly from under the paw unloader.
2. Paw burner for burning your paws before cleaning. It is possible to use an aeration system that improves water exchange and an even temperature distribution.
3. Paw cleaner equipped with rubber fingers for removing the yellow skin from the paws. Depending on the system performance, we can use a single or double cleaner.
4. Cochlear screw cooler. As in the burner, it is also possible to use an aeration system to improve water exchange.