The gizzard washer and cleaner is designed for removing gastric contents and fat from the surface of previously opened gizzards.

Design and operation:

The gizzard washer and cleaner is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel. Gizzards are manually placed inside the machine, where they individually get between rubber fingers. There they are cleaned of fat and gastric contents and washed with water. After these operations the gizzards are moved to the outlet. Quality of cleaning and capacity of the machine depends on the size of processed gizzards, the amount of fat and quantity of supplied water. The washer and cleaner is designed for co-operation with the gizzard cleaner. Gizzard outlet can be directed to the cleaner table, where the next operation is performed – removal of skin from the inside of gizzards.

Technical specification:

  • Power supply – 380 V, 50 Hz
  • Installed power – 1.1 kW
  • Speed ~ 900 rpm
  • Water connection – ½”

Notice! At customer’s request, the machine can be manufactured with different height, e.g. to allow for its co-operation with the automatic gizzard processor.