Grading system is designed for sorting killed carcass or divided elementts of poultry carcass.

Design and operation:
Device is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel. Elements which have direct contact with food are made of materials approved for contact with food.
Grading system consists of:
1- Main frame
2- Charging hopper
3- Control panel
4- Loading conveyor
5- Weighing conveyor
6- Grading conveyor
Sorted elements could be fed automatically (e.g. by using the belt conveyor) or manually. In both cases, the sorted elements shall be given on loading conveyor. Correctly sorted elements go to weighing conveyor and then to the grading conveyor where carrierssort the elements according to the given parameters.
The segregated elements fall into the crates using a hopper. The computer system decides which carrier shall to work by sending a signal to the appropriate carrier, so that each crate has the appropriate portion of carcasses or segregated elements in pursuance of the given parameters.
When the crate is full (according to the parameters entered into the system) the indicator lights up (separate for each carrier). After replacing the crate with an empty one, press the button next to a given hopper to give a signal to the computer system that the crate is free and a new batch of sorted elements can be added to it.