The head cutter is designed for automatic cutting of heads of chickens hung in the shackles of the slaughtering conveyor, directly after stunning in the electrical stunner.

Design and operation:

The head cutter is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel. The cutting blades are made of special tool steel. Cuts are performed by rotary blades with manually controlled cut-depth. Blade height and its position towards the chicken hung in the shackles are controlled by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Special stainless steel guides ensure proper positioning of head towards the blades. Due to varying bird sizes, constant supervision of the machine is necessary.

Technical specification:

Mode of operation – continuous
Blade rotation – 1400 rpm
Capacity – up to 9000 bph
Installed power – 2 x 0.75kW
Hydraulic lift – 1.6 t – manual