Head puller connected to a vacuum system for transporting heads to the offal area

The head puller is designed for removing bird heads after their necks are cut in poultry slaughtering plants.

Design and operation:

The head puller is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. Carcasses are delivered to the puller in shackles of the overhead conveyor. Capacity of the puller is limited by conveyor speed. The height and position of the puller is also adjusted to conveyor specifications. The head puller is a free-standing machine. For stability, it is recommended that the puller should be fixed to the floor. At customer’s request, a suspended version of the head puller, mounted to the supporting structure of the conveyor, can be made.

Technical specification:

mode of operation – continuous

capacity – up to 2500 bph

NOTICE ! The main benefits of the puller include its mechanical operation as well as simple design and easy access to all subassemblies,