The head puller is used for removing chicken heads after their necks are cut. It is designed for continuous operation in typical poultry slaughtering lines (it is usually placed after the picking machinery).

Design and operation:

The head puller is constructed of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The machine is equipped with its own drive unit, consisting of a gear-motor, whose specifications are adjusted to the line capacity and customer requirements. The machine design allows for angular adjustment of the pulling guides, as well as height adjustment by means of a hydraulic lift, which makes it possible to match the size of processed birds. The apron conveyor with special sweepers, mounted inside the puller, ensures fast delivery of pulled heads to the reception point (containers, charging hoppers of the pneumatic transport system etc.)

Technical specification:

  •  mode of operation –   continuous
  •  capacity  –   up to 9000 bph
  • installed power –   0.37 kW to 0.75 kW

Advantages of the puller:

Simple design and the materials used for its manufacture ensure durability, efficiency of operation and facilitate proper cleaning of the machine.