P.P.H.U. „SZLACHET – STAL” sees about with the production of machines and devices to the slaughtering of the poultry. The firm came into being in 1995 and thenceforward, not only enlarged her own production, but widened the assortment of performed devices, improved standard-products.

The endeavour to how best realization of the device – about the suitable persistence, functionalities and to the good price is a still preference assignment of our enterprise. At the beginning in the firm worked several persons. Per day today’s the employment grew larger many times. The employee „Szlachet – Stal” is in the overwhelming majority youths about high qualifications.

With pleasure sit in on additional prices, instructions targeting the enlargement or the enlargement of possessed appraisals, the recognition of technical pieces of gossip , the improvement of the production. Every bit of it causes, that produced in our enterprise of the device and the machine to the slaughtering of the poultry can rival on the market with products of most renowned firms European, seeing about with such herself production. A best corroborating evidence the high grade of our products is the fact, that our devices were exported to Germany, Hollands, Lithuanias, Belorussias and on Ukraine. Besides equipped into our devices abattoir of the poultry gained the title „of the Master AGROLIGI 2004”.



In the year 2008 considerably we extended the institution and we modernized the stock of machinery. In 2009 we provided the firm into the modern chamber to bruising what improved the appearance and the aesthetics produced by us devices. For a year 2010 we plan the enlargement of the scope of services for foreign receivers, the enlargement of the assortment of produced devices as and further modernizing of the stock of machinery. We instruct our services to all which want to have devices of the high grade about the European standard , but in real prices for the Polish receiver.

To all our present and future customers we wish successes in the personal life and the professional work.


P.P.H.U. “Szlachet – Stal”
ul. Gliniana 10
97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski
tel: 44 647 29 54
tel: 44 647 61 74


4.11 – 6.11.2020

Atlanta, the USA
26.01 – 28.01.2021

Izmir, Turkey
16.02 – 20.02.2021