The inspection stand is located in the evisceration room and is designed for veterinary examination of poultry.

Design and operation:

Shackles with birds are transported by the overhead conveyor over a stainless steel tub, mounted on a supporting structure made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The inspection stand should be located at the correct stage of the evisceration process (after the pack has been extracted from the carcass). A mirror mounted to the supporting structure provides the veterinarian with the possibility to thoroughly inspect the bird (from both sides). The stand is also fitted with a tool sterilizer, a warm water tap with a knee-operated valve and a time-lag switch, which allows the veterinarian to perform the inspection in a hygienic way.


  1.  Supporting structure
  2.  Mirror
  3.  Tub
  4.  Tap
  5.  Sterilizer