The intestine pump is designed for transporting post-slaughter offal from the evisceration room to the storage area.

Design and operation:

The basic element is a peristaltic pump with a drive unit, an inlet hopper and the piping system for offal transport. The driving mechanism of the pump rotates the rotor, fitted with two rollers, mounted in alternating positions. The intestine is then pressed by the rollers, resulting in cutting off the delivery side from the suction side. Expansion of the intestine to its original shape (on the suction side), right behind the roller, results in creating negative pressure which sucks the offal from the inlet hopper. The offal, found between the rollers in the intestine, is pushed towards the delivery pipe. The pressure from the roller on the delivery side pushes offal into the piping system and transports it to the destination. Effective operation of the pump depends on the flexibility of the intestine, i.e. its ability to return to the original shape after being pressed by the rollers.