The figure shows an intestine separator without the shield

The machine is designed for separating water from intestines after the evisceration process.

Design and operation:

The separator is made entirely of high-quality stainless and acid-resistant materials.

The main parts are:

  1. a trough with an outlet for separated water, fixed upon a robust supporting structure,
  2. a separating screen, which rotates thanks to a system of rollers mounted inside the trough,
  3. a drive unit with chain transmission.

The separator is installed at a location which allows for direct entry of intestines into the rotating separating screen. Intestines are transported by the internal spiral of the screen towards the outlet. At the same time, water added to the separator with the intestines flows to the trough and through the drain into the sewer. Separated intestines are pneumatically transported further to the offal room. The screen is driven by means of a special chain transmission.

Technical specification:

  • Installed power: 0.37kW
  • Voltage: 3 x 380 – 420 V, 50Hz
  • Capacity: up to 7.000 bph (chickens)
  • Separating screen speed: 13 rpm
  • Actual weight: 96 kg