Knee-operated washbasins are designed for washing hands in poultry processing plants, food processing plants, hospital and laboratories and other plants where water outflow should not be controlled by hand.

Design and operation:

The knee-operated washbasin is manufactured of acid-resistant, stainless steel. It is fitted with a standard siphon, a faucet, a valve and a mechanical mixer, which allows for the connection of both hot and cold water.  Water outflow starts after pressing the button in the front wall of the basin. Water flows for a time period that can be adjusted between 4 and 12 seconds by means of a ring mounted in the valve. Water temperature is adjusted by the mixer, placed under the basin. We offer knee-operated washbasins of various shapes and sizes, both freestanding and wall-mounted. Apart from standard washbasins, such as those shown in the figures below, other models can be manufactured based on customer’s sketches.