The “box” picker type SL-3 is used for plucking all types of poultry.


Construction and operation:

Support structure and housing made of stainless steel, acid-resistant. Picker type SL-3 can be equipped with 72 or 96 picking heads, each head armed with 12 rubber fingers (SL-3 – 72 head cutting machine is designated SL-3/72, while the 96 head is designated SL-3/96). The picking heads are driven by a special belt without a terminal, while each row of heads is driven by a separate electric motor, hidden in a stainless housing. The picker is equipped with mechanical lifts, which allows you to adjust the housing of picking heads. Depending on the size of the poultry slaughtered, the housing with plucking heads relative to passing carcasses can be adjusted accordingly. The SL-3 picker is adapted for cooperation with conveyors and stirrups of “Szlachet – Stal” production. If you have other manufacturers’ conveyors, please contact our company to adapt the skubarka to the existing conveyor.

Technical data:

– Installed power – SL -3/60 6 × 3,0 kW; SL-3/72 12 x 1.5kW; SL-3/96 12 x 2.2kW
– Productivity – SL-3/72 chicken up to 2,800 pcs / h turkey up to 800 items / h; SL-3/96 chicken up to 4,000 pcs / h turkey up to 1,200 pcs / h
– Power supply – 400V, 50 Hz

– Dimension L: SL-3/60 to 3160 mm; SL-3/72 to 3920 mm; SL-3/96 to 4760 mm.

NOTE: The Pickertyp SL-3’s big advantage is a compact and simple construction, which allows you to keep the device clean and easy access to parts requiring replacement.