Technical specifications:

Drive power rating:

Ascending conveyor – 0.37 kW
Horizontal conveyor – 2 x 0.37 kW
Power supply – 400 V / 50 Hz

The system for inverting live bird crates (containers in which birds are delivered to the slaughtering plant) is designed for proper positioning of empty crates before they are transported into automatic crate washer by a chain conveyor. This is why this system is only used with a live bird crate washer; only then it is fully justified and purposeful to use it.


Design and operation:

The conveyors are constructed of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The transporting element is a special duplex coil chain made of plastic.
A set of chain conveyors consists of:
– an ascending conveyor, with a single drive unit
– a horizontal, double-track conveyor with two drive units
The set is usually mounted after a horizontal double-row chain conveyor (very similar design) along which crates are moved. Emptied, the crates are automatically transported to the ascending conveyor and then to the horizontal double-track conveyor. Chain levels in the above conveyor result in crates being turned by 90° into a position allowing them for entering the washer easily.