ADK rotary carousel divider already in Szlachet-Stal!

We are pleased to inform you that in Szlachet Stal we have implemented a completely new machine into our production line! The ADK carousel poultry divider is a modern and extremely effective machine, capable of processing up to 2000 pieces of poultry within one hour.

It is equipped with modules for straightening and cutting wings, cutting off the tube, cutting crosswise and a special paw release. What’s more, the ADK carousel divider is extremely easy to use, and its special design facilitates thorough cleaning, machine maintenance and possible connection with other equipment and dividers with different functions.

Another automatic dividing line is ready!

Another automatic dividing line is ready. The divider is equipped with the following modules: straightening the wings, shutting the shuttlecock, cutting off the middle part of the wing, cutting off the wing, pre-incision, removing the skin, cutting off the tube, cutting crosswise and dividing the thigh / lower leg.

In addition to dividing the carcass, pneumatic element weighing stations and a cone filleting divider were installed. The maximum line speed is 6000 pcs/h. Coming soon!

We were not idle in May! On May 28-30, we had the unique pleasure of participating in the MEAT & amp; POULTRY INDUSTRY in the heart of Russia – Moscow.

In May, our company participated in a meat processing trade fair in Frankfurt!

Our Company was present at the 50th edition of FierAvicola – International Poultry Exhibition, held in Italy in Forli from 5 to 7 April 2017. The exhibition area, which was over 20,000 m2, FierAvicola has confirmed its leading position in Italy and one of the most prestigious B2B events in the poultry sector.