Conveyor components can be based on 50mm stainless steel or hot-dip zinc coated T-section (straight tracks, curves, drive and tension sections etc.). With this solution, aluminium or high-durability synthetic trolleys are used.

Stainless steel conveyor is the most durable and aesthetic-looking solution, which is easy to keep clean. Its components: straight tracks, curves, drive and tension sections etc. are made of Ø42 acid-resistant, stainless steel pipe. Trolleys are made of synthetic material with high mechanical strength.

Chain conveyor drive units can be made in 90° or 180° bend versions. Standard drive unit diameters are: 485 and 436 mm. Drive units with other diameters can be made at individual orders. A single drive unit is used in conveyors of up to 50m. For longer conveyors it is recommended to use two or more drive units. Frequency converters are used for speed control.


Chain tension units are designed for controlling chain tension, which ensures proper functioning of the entire conveyor. Tension units are made in 180° version and their number corresponds to the number of drive units used for the overhead conveyor. Standard tension unit diameters are: 436 and 485 mm.



Horizontal bends allow for constructing any conveyor shape, to suit customer’s needs. Horizontal bends are available in 90° and 180° versions. Standard diameters are: 291, 340, 388, 436 and 485 mm. Bends with larger diameters are made at customer requests.

Vertical bends allow for altering the height of conveyor tracks (e.g. for immersing carcasses in the scalder or for work on two chilling levels). Standard angles of vertical bends are: 27°, 43°, 15° and 30°. Length and height are adapted to customer requirements.