The overhead chain conveyor is designed for transporting birds at all stages of processing. The design allows any horizontal and vertical configuration and layout, and the use of appropriate shackle sizes allows for transporting any type of poultry. The overhead conveyor can also be used for transporting all types of components, parts etc.

Design and operation:

A standard overhead conveyor is based on 1” carrying chain, although different pitch of chain can be made at request. The overhead conveyor consists of: a drive unit, a tension unit, 90° and 180° bends, straight tracks, vertical bends, chain trolleys, shackles and joints. The overhead chain conveyor is mounted to a supporting structure, manufactured separately in accordance with customer guidelines. Depending on the length and working load, the conveyor can be equipped with one or more drive and tension units.

Advantages of the overhead conveyor:

  •  design of individual components and the joining system allow for deploying any layout to satisfy customer’s requirements
  •  simple design allows for fast and easy replacement of components or extension of the conveyor system
  •  the use of 1” carrying chain allows for using different shackle sizes, at spacing which matches the size of birds to be transported
  •  simple and clear structure allows for easy access to individual components for proper cleaning and maintenance,
  •  the use of high-quality materials ensures durability and failure-free operation.