The pneumatic finger replacement gun helps in fast and safe replacement of rubber fingers in such machines as pickers, gizzard processors or drum foot cleaners. The gun is designed for standard finger length: L=80 mm.

Design and operation:

The finger replacement gun is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials, and corrosion-resistant materials. The main part of the gun is a cylinder connected with a finger gripping mechanism. In order to replace a finger by means of the gun, you must manually place the finger in the desired opening and then place the protruding part of the finger in the gun sleeve, and after that you must press the button on the gun handle.

Technical specification:

  • Connection: Ø6 PU conduit
  • Supply: compressed air
  • Weight: 2.25 kg

Notice!Compressed air used for supplying the gun must be cleaned in an air treatment unit