POULTRY CHILLER Type: SD-1,3/1,6/1,8/2,1


The poultry chiller is designed for chilling eviscerated poultry carcasses in water. For best chilling results ice water bath at the temperature of ~ 1.5 – 2°C is applied along with air blow, which enables thorough penetration of water inside the carcass (detailed sanitary and veterinary requirements are included in the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture of 20.01.1999 (§ 38-41; Journal of Laws No. 10 of 05.02.1999).

Design and operation:

The casing and spiral of the chiller are made of stainless, acid-resistant materials, the drive – a worm gear powered by a 380V electric motor, with power rating matching the chiller size, not exceeding 1.5 kW, in a stainless steel enclosure. Birds fall into the chiller directly from the releaser, or are manually placed at the front of the water tank and then transported by the spiral to the back of it, where chilled birds are automatically ejected. It is recommended to use a set of two chillers or a single chiller divided into two tanks with a partition. Birds are automatically moved from one tank to the other. Each tank has separate water drain and overflow. Such solution allows for effective water usage and maintaining proper quality of chilled poultry.

Technical specification:

Utility connections: installed by the customer according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • L – standard – 1.5m repeatability (the shortest chiller: 3m ).
  • Ø – standard : 1200, 1300, 1600,  1800,  2100 mm, .

The length and width of the poultry chiller depend on the capacity and processed bird size.

NOTICE!  Chilling birds in this type of chillers is the most effective way of reducing their temperature.