The poultry cutter is designed for effective and hygienic portioning and filleting of any type of poultry.

Design and operation:

The cutter-conveyor is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel and food approved plastic.
The size of plastic cones, on which eviscerated carcasses, prepared for cutting, are placed is adapted to the size of portioned poultry. Depending on customer’s needs (capacity and bird size) the cutter can be manufactured in different lengths. Its design allows also for future extension of the machine. Stepless control of the cutter-conveyor speed allows for its adjustment to current user needs, capacity and abilities of operators. Work stands are located on both sides of the machine. Design of the conveyor allows for different methods of bird supply and reception – in belt conveyors, boxes, tank-trolleys etc.

NOTICE! Depending on the portioned bird size, appropriate size and spacing of cones is implemented.

Technical specification:

  • Length (L): according to the requirements
  • and capacity of the cut-up line
  • Minimum length: 4000 mm.
  • Maximum installed power: 1.5 kW