An automatic poultry divider serves to divide the gutted chicken into anatomical parts. The dividers are assembled from the appropriate cutting units according to the customer’s needs.

Structure and principle of operation:

  • The automatic poultry divider is modular. Both frame dividers and cutting modules can be assembled in different configurations, depending on the needs of the ordering purchase.
  • All components of the divider are made exclusively of stainless steel, acid-resistant, aluminum and plastics that are approved for food contact.
  • The main components of the automatic poultry divider are:

1. Chain conveyor with special stirrups fitted The ability to rotate allows precise cutting of the carcass.
2. Guides including a stirrup turning device that allows you to set the stirrup inthe position before it reaches the cutting unit.
3. Cutting Modules.
4. Drive with tensioner.
5. Frame.
6. Control cabinet.

Chickens are hand-hung. By means of a chain conveyor chickens are transported through all cutting modules. You can customize the cutter to make different cuts.
The cutting units can be lowered or raised to allow the individual cutting units to pass through the carcass or bypassing them, as needed.

As a rule, modules are assembled in the following order:

1. Wing modification module, MPS
2. Aileron cut-off module, MOL
3. Shut-off module, MOS
4. Rack cutter module, MOK
5. Pre-cutting module, MCW
6. Module for cutting off the tube, MOT
7. Body and cross section, MDKiK
8. Drum module, MOP
9. Free the legs