The feather pump is used to transport feathers from the process of plucking poultry in slaughter plants. Feathers must be transported with water.

Construction and operation:

The basic element of construction is a single-stage centrifugal pump type RZ with the engine. The one-sided open impeller with free flow has blades arranged on the disc. The rotor disc is moved away from the flow space into the cavity formed in the pump body, which further widens the free flow space between the blade edges on the face of the rotor and the body insert. The feather transport pump can be mounted to existing concrete or steel tanks as well as a free-standing tank that can be supplied with the pump. Feathers along with water are transported to the tank usually with a sewage channel and then by means of a pump, with a diameter of Ø125 – Ø250 (depending on the type of pump) it is transported to the feather separator where the initial separation of water from the feathers occurs.


  • 7.5 kW engine power
  • Elevation 22-30 m
  • Capacity 140-270 m3 / h


  • Engine power 11 kW
  • Elevation 20-28 m
  • Capacity 160-290 m3 / h


  • Motor power 22 kW
  • Elevation 44-51 m