The roller conveyor is designed for transporting live bird crates, egg cartons and other kinds of packaging.

Design and operation:

The roller conveyor has no drive unit. Appropriate inclination, obtained by adjusting conveyor leg height, ensures proper operation of the rollway. Conveyor structure is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. State-of-the-art rollers with bearings are made of stainless steel or PVC. Any length of conveyor can be assembled of 1 or 2 metre long sections and 90° curves. Sections of different length as well as custom guard-rails can be made at customer’s request.

Technical specification:

  • B – conveyor width – standard:  500 and 600 mm conveyors with non-standard widths can be made at customer’s request.
  • Conveyor length – according to customer needs.
  • Dimensions:  H, W, L, S, and G – fully customisable