The rotary foot unloader is designed for unloading feet from shackles of the overhead conveyor.

Design and operation:

The rotary unloader is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials and other food-approved materials (plastic, rubber). The unloader is mounted to the supporting structure of the overhead chain conveyor, along a straight section. Shackles of the conveyor, with cut feet, are placed between a properly adjusted system of guides, suspended from brackets, which stabilise their position. Mounted on a frame seated on adjustable brackets, the drum with rubber fingers along its perimeter unloads cut feet hanging from shackles by rotational movement. Shields, also mounted on brackets, guide the falling feet to a container placed under the unloader. The unloader is designed to work with rack shackles. It is also recommended that shackles should be connected with a stainless chain.

Technical specification:

Unloading effectiveness -95%

Installed power– 0.55kW,  380V,  50Hz

Drum speed– 90 rpm