Szlachet-Stal is a contractor for industrial wastewater treatment plants arising during the slaughter of poultry and social wastewater. The technological line of the sewage treatment plant is equipped with the following facilities (subassemblies):

– Arched sieve (mechanical cleaning of solid parts)

– Degreaser with pump and agitator system (fat separation, mixing and averaging wastewater)

– A retention tank with a system of pumps and mixers (collection of sewage and daily averaging of quantitative and qualitative composition)

– Physico-chemical pre-treatment plant (flocculator, flotator with a saturator for carrying out physical and chemical reactions)

– Biological reactor used for wastewater treatment using biological methods consisting of:

– Pre-treatment water treatment reservoir

– Denitrification chambers with a system of pumps and mixers

– Nitrification chamber with a system of blowers and aeration diffusers for sewage and valve chambers

– Secondary settling tanks (final separation of the sludge from treated wastewater)

– Pumping, drainage, sludge collection and storage system

– Sewage pumping station

– Measurement and control system

The entire treatment plant process is controlled automatically. The sewage treatment plant is equipped with a system of gate valves and bypasses for ensuring stable operation in special cases