The SF-1000 fillet snail is designed for pelting fillets and can be set in a technological process where delivery and receipt of raw material is provided automatically by means of conveyors.

Construction and operation:

The main elements of the device are two counter-rotating rollers, 1000 mm long, made of plastic, on which the pelting process takes place. The drive of one of them takes place through a gearmotor using a chain transmission.

Elements intended for skinning fall into the hopper of the device from the conveyor or are thrown by hand, then they reach the skiving rollers and further skinned by ejection on the conveyor or to another place of reception. The peeled skin is ejected into a container or onto a conveyor positioned directly under the skimming rollers.

The machine in addition to the skiving rollers is made of stainless elements, and the whole is designed so that it is easy to clean and it can be kept clean.

Technical data:

  • Capacity – up to 2500 pcs / h
  • Installed power – 1.5 kW