The automatic poultry divider is used to divide the gutted chicken body into anatomical parts. The dividing unit is made up of appropriate cutting modules depending on the customer’s needs.

Construction and operation:

The automatic poultry divider has a modular construction. Both divider frame modules and cutting modules can be combined in various configurations, depending on the needs of the customer. All components and components of the dividers are made only of stainless, acid-proof materials, aluminum and plastic acceptable for contact with food.

The essential components of the automatic poultry divider are:

  1. Chain conveyor with mounted special stirrups that have

the possibility of rotation enabling precise cutting of the carcass.

  1. Guides along with the stirrup device that allows you to set the stirrup in

the right position before it reaches the cutting module.

  1. Cutting modules.
  2. Drive with tensioner.
  3. Frame.
  4. Control cabinet.

Chickens are hung by hand. With the help of a chain conveyor, the chickens are transported through all cutting modules. The dividing machine can be adjusted to perform different cuts. The cutting modules can be lowered or raised, allowing the chicken carcasses to pass through individual cutting modules or avoid them, depending on the needs.