SPRAY CARCASS WASHER Free-standing, type MTW–400/600/800

The free-standing spray carcass washer is designed for washing all types of poultry in processing lines.

Design and operation:

The carcass washer is constructed of stainless, acid-resistant materials and standard pipe fittings. Poultry carcasses are washed by water spraying from nozzles located on both sides of the washer. For washing large carcasses (e.g. turkeys), water is sprayed from all nozzles installed in the washer. For washing smaller carcasses (e.g. chickens) it is possible to shut off water supply to lower nozzles, which ensures proper and efficient water usage. Capacity of the spray washer is adjusted to the line capacity by choosing appropriate washer length and number of nozzles. At customer’s request, the washer can be constructed in a version that can be suspended from the supporting structure of the conveyor.

Technical specification:

Water connection – cold water, ½”