General description:


De-stacker consists of the following elements:

Frame – made of stainless steel, built on the basis of closed profiles, in the frame there are profiles regulating the height of the de-doping machine provided with flat bars enabling its anchoring to the ground
Container ejecting system – the system consists of a pneumatic cylinder and plastic container ejectors.

Principle of operation:

The container is lifted maximally (up to the height of the lower row of containers), then the scissor lift raises the container so that the deicer will empty the bottom row of containers onto the directional conveyor which transports the container to the double row chain conveyor. From there, a system of chain conveyors, a container with poultry is transported to the place of hanging. At the same time, the directional conveyor moves the next container to the right, and the scissor lift leaves the container one row of containers, while the directional conveyor is empty, the stacker pushes the next horizontal row of containers and thus completely empty the container.

Technical data:

Actuator type magnetic D100 Stroke 1700 T stainless
Air demand ~ 180 l / cycle
Supply pressure 6 bar