Construction and operation of the stacker:

All subassemblies and components of the stacker are made exclusively of stainless, acid-resistant materials, aluminum or plastic.
The basic components of the stacker are:
1) The frame is made of closed profiles made of stainless steel, acid-resistant.
2) A mechanism that moves the stack of containers into the container.
3) Container carriers
4) Drive of drivers
5) Chain conveyor

Principle of operation:

The stacker is designed to place containers in pillars of 4 or 5 pieces and then load it into a container. The containers after washing in the washer are transported to the stacker with a chain conveyor. The container for the stacker must be in horizontal position, therefore it must be turned after leaving the washer. The container after entering the stacker is lifted with the help of carriers to the height so that it can take the next one. After obtaining a set number of containers (4 or 5 pieces), the pneumatic actuator pushes the entire post to the container. The chain conveyor (9) moves the container one row forward so that the next stack can be loaded. After loading the container, the employee picks up the container and sets it on the square or loads it on the car