Tables made of stainless, acid-resistant materials can be used for performing all types of technological operations related to slaughtering, processing, packing or portioning of poultry. They can be used in food processing plants, laboratories, hospitals, stores, etc.


Tables are made of food approved materials. Standard models include simple stainless steel tops, with rims folded downwards, legs made of stainless profiles; dimensions as shown in the figure.

At customer’s request, any combination of tabletop, additional racks, rails, etc. can be manufactured, such as:

  •  tables with full rims or rails, with solid or open-work upper section,
  •  tables with perforated sheet inserts, drain openings, water tanks,
  •  tables with plastic plate inserts, with solid or open-work lower rack,
  •  tables with water connections, valves, etc.

Suggested standard lengths: L= 940, 1440, 1940mm At customer’s request , tables can be manufactured with different lengths, widths and heights. Depending on the weight to be carried by the tables, additional reinforcement can be applied.