The suspended foot cutter is designed for cutting chicken and hen feet in a poultry slaughtering line.

Design and operation:

The suspended foot cutter is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. The cutting blade is made of special tool steel. The basic elements of the cutter are: a fixed frame, a sliding beam, a motor with spindle (drive unit), a blade. The fixed frame of the cutter is mounted to the supporting structure of the overhead conveyor – over a 180° or 90° curve. The carrier disk of the cutter is mounted coaxially with the turning wheel of the curve. In special cases, the cutter can also be mounted at a straight section of the conveyor. Carcasses transported in shackles of the conveyor are positioned and stabilised by the carrier disk before cutting. The sliding beam, with the drive unit, fixed to the frame, can be used for adjusting the blade angle and foot cut height – depending on the size of processed birds. A simple and reliable adjustment method allows for precise cut across the line of joint.

Technical specification:

Mode of operation –  continuous

Capacity–  up to 3000 bph

installed power– 2.2 kW