Construction and principle of the table:

All components and components of the unloading table are made of stainless, acid-proof materials, aluminum or plastic.
The essential components of the table are:

1) Rolling rollers
2) Longitudinal chain conveyor
3) Drive of the cross conveyor
4) Drive of the longitudinal conveyor
5) Transverse chain conveyor
6) Frame

Principle of operation:

The storekeeper discharges one row of containers of poultry from the container, the container on the transverse conveyor (zone “C”) is transported to a chain conveyor transporting the container with poultry to the suspension zone. When the container moves off the transverse conveyor (5), then the longitudinal chain conveyor (2) is lifted above the level of the rollers by moving the poultry containers from zone B to C and from zone A to B respectively. Again, the container located on the transverse conveyor (5) is moved then for transport and again after emptying, the longitudinal conveyor (2) floats, moving the last container from zone B to C. When the unloading table is empty, the deodorizer again lifts one container row from the container and the process is repeated.

Technical data:

Type of longitudinal conveyor chain cellular PVC
Power supply 400 V;  50 Hz
Weight       450 kg
The dimensions of the device
Length 3 200 mm
Width 1 500 mm
Height 720 mm