TOOL STERILISER electric Type SN-1


The steriliser is designed for hot-water sterilisation of blades, sharpeners and other types of tools used in poultry and meat processing plants.

Design and operation:

The steriliser is made of acid-resistant, stainless steel. Its basic element is the tank with blade and sharpener stand. Water is supplied through a standard ½” connection, and its excess escapes by an overflow pipe connected to a ½” drain valve. Electric heater, controlled by the temperature control system, is used for heating water. Temperature inside the steriliser can be checked on a thermometer placed on the external wall of the steriliser. Depending on the layout of the processing line, left- or right-side sterilisers can be used.

Technical specification:

  • Power supply – 220V
  • Heater power – 1000W
  • Temperature range – 85-90°C
  • Capacity – 5.5 l
  • Thermometer