The washer and cleaner is designed for removing fat and washing the surface of turkey gizzards before they are cut open.

Design and operation:

The turkey gizzard washer and cleaner is made entirely of high quality stainless, acid-resistant materials.

It consists of:

  1. a trough with a screen and a row of rubber fingers mounted inside,
  2. a cover with a water supply collector,
  3. a cleaning drum with bearings, mounted to the trough walls,
  4. a waste water outlet,
  5. a drive unit.

Gizzards, placed inside the cleaner through the inlet, are transported between the rubber fingers towards the outlet. Water supplied by the collector improves the quality and optimises the cleaning and washing process. Defatted gizzards fall into containers and are transported to further processing.

Technical specification: 

  • Installed power  – 2.2 kW
  • Voltage – 3 x 380 – 420 V  ,  50 Hz
  • Capacity –  up to 1500 pieces per hour
  • Drum speed – 300 rpm
  • Water supply connection –   ½”
  • Actual weight – 80 kg