The positioning device is designed for supporting turkeys hung in shackles of the overhead conveyor by their heads and keeping them in horizontal position for evisceration and lung removal processes.

Design and operation:

The head positioning device is made of stainless, acid-resistant materials. Its main parts include: 1/ a track with a guide, at the ends of which a turning roller and a chain gear (for driving the chain) are mounted, 2/ a plastic link chain, 3/ a drive unit with stepless speed control, 4/ a frame with fastening brackets, 5/ an adjustable shackle guide. Turkeys with cut heads are transported in shackles of the overhead conveyor between the guides of the positioning device. The carrier pulls the neck between the clamp bar and the surface of the link chain moving concurrently to the overhead conveyor. This fixes the head and neck in horizontal position (with the back down). Such placement allows for fast, efficient and hygienic evisceration or lung extraction.

Technical specification:

Installed power                             –        0.55kW

Voltage                                          –        3 x 380 – 420 V

Capacity                                        –        up to 1250 bph

Shackle spacing                             –        304.8 mm

Weight                                           –        340 kg